Customer Benefits

Discover our comprehensive approach to advancing your potential with corrugated cardboard products

At Coyle Corrugated, we are committed to supplying products and services in a matter that satisfies our Customers' expectation for timeliness and compliance with our specifications. Everyone on our team is responsible for our continuous process of maintaining and improving our quality standards to ensure that you experience high levels of satisfaction.

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Service & Consultation

Our knowledgeable team can help you go beyond tactical ordering to rethinking your trailer, skid, and pallet utilization so you can realize greater cost savings. Through our TOPS Program, we can provide you with a printout of what your trailer looks like and how you can improve your space usage to produce savings in your logistics costs.

Design Lab 

When it comes to your corrugated packaging and point of sale displays, our professional designers have the specific knowledge and experience, as well as the technology, to create unique and inventive solutions. Learn more about our design lab.

Inventory Management

Our processes can help you to minimize the amount of corrugated cardboard box inventory you need to keep on site. We can help you to achieve new levels of organization in your buying so that you can go from receiving products up front in bulk to weekly or even daily shipments. You can still enjoy the cost benefits of a large order while only receiving shipments in sections as you need it to help reduce on-site inventory. You’ll free up storage space and run more efficiently. Learn more about our inventory management opportunities.

Emergency Service

Need to fulfill a large order in a hurry? We can help. We have the capacity to produce stock within 24 hours. We carry stock sheets on our floor and can create just about any corrugated cardboard box overnight.

Reduce Your Eco Footprint

We use recycled cardboard fibers in our corrugated manufacturing to help reduce our eco footprint, and therefore yours as well. Learn about all of the ways we go green


For your convenience, we deliver your corrugated cardboard order direct to you, throughout Southern Ontario. You can count on our quick and reliable service to ensure you have your order when you need it. In partnership with our Peterborough plant, we are in proximity to a wide range of clients to facilitate timely deliveries.

More benefits for you when working with Coyle Corrugated

  • Our expert, superior and personalized service
  • Corrban and EDI Technologies, combined with our experienced customer service staff for efficient and hassle-free service
  • Our open communication along with reliable next day service
  • Our commitment to quality - ISO 9001:2008 Registered