Go Green with Coyle Corrugated Containers

Coyle Corrugated is dedicated to cardboard container manufacturing that preserves our environment through environmentally responsible practices

Coyle Corrugated Containers is proud to be a member of the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC). PPEC is a National group representing packaging mills and packaging converters on environmental issues.

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Recycled Fibers and Greenpac Mill

We use recycled paper in our corrugated cardboard manufacturing, and we have also partnered with other manufacturers in the Greenpac Mill. This facility manufactures containerboard using 15% less paper fiber and lighter linerboards with 100% recycled paper fiber. Our investment in this sustainable source of cardboard materials is part of our ongoing dedication to improving our industry standards to benefit our environment.

For us, reducing our carbon footprint is just one way we help our clients find better corrugated cardboard solutions

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