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Paper Commodity Index

Base Amount:
Base Date:

Current Month: Feb-14
Liner(USD): $755
Medium(USD): $750
Base(CDN)r: $2740
Base $ Dif: $+151
Base % Dif: +7.3
Prev. Month: $2688

 Customer Benefits

  • It is the policy of Coyle Corrugated Containers and all its employees and directors to supply products and services in a matter that satisfies our Customers' expectation for timeliness and compliance with our specifications.
  • Our commitment extends to our employees where we will endeavour to provide a safe and clean workplace, proper training and supervision, and a discipline to deal with our materials and supplies in an environmentally responsible way.
  • All persons will be responsible for maintaining quality. Our people, including all levels of management, are totally committed to the continuous process of maintaining and improving our quality standards to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Inspections and checking of product will be performed according to procedure by all employees to ensure compliance to specifications for the product as supplied and agreed by the customer.
  • The shareholders and senior management fully support and will review the company's commitment to quality and the implementation of its policies and procedures to ensure their relevance to the operation and updating them where necessary.

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