Corrugated Interior Inserts

Inserts allow you to customize the packaging potential of your corrugated cardboard boxes to fit your product

There are various types of interior inserts that can be used in corrugated cardboard boxes to ensure the most efficient fit and best protection for your products. Coyle Corrugated Containers is able to provide clients with any of the corrugated interior inserts listed below. Talk to us or request a quote today!

Corrugated Pads

Pads are plain shapes of corrugated or solid fiberboard. They can be used to fill space between the inner flaps of an RSC to completely cover the bottom or top of a box, or to separate layers of product.

Corrugated Tubes

Tubes are scored rectangles, folded and sometimes joined with ends tape to form a multi-sided structure open at both ends. When used as a sleeve for individual items such as glassware, adjacent shells provide double the amount of protection.

Corrugated Partitions

Partitions or dividers provide a separate cell for each item in a box. They are used primarily for glassware and other fragile articles.

Inner Packing Pieces and Forms

Scored and folded inner packaging pieces can take many shapes. Included in this group are built-up pads consisting of multiple pieces of corrugated cardboard glued together. Inner packing pieces are used for cushioning, suspension and separation, and to fill voids.

Inner Packing Forms

Inner packing forms are usually die cut to position and support irregular products from below, or lock them into position from above.

Talk to a customer service representative today about your products and we will partner with you to find innovative solutions for your corrugated packaging and boxes.